To continually create & refine is a requirement for all business.

A Growth Culture Mindset requires innovative leaders and effective people, process and a top of mind product.

To Innovate company culture you must first attract, and build remarkable people. Achieving this is your first milestone.

By; Creating measurable growth & smart strategies the focus is always on growing, improving and by enriching experiences your relationships deepen.

 By starting with strong growth culture mindset this then resonates unique values, that engage. Once foundation is set and only then is where effective, target marketing can be effectively executed. partners with our clients to build measurable data driven strategies that create instant rapport, enhance richer engagement and we always start internally. Understanding your internal brand develops the most powerful voice to the external market today.

“Oneighty creates revitalizing growth strategies as we create innovative solutions the result in measurable revenue growth.”

We’re on a mission to change the world of work through strengths-based development. Your company starts with its people, and is strengthen by process and in product there is no one-size-fits-all rule that serves everyone. Instead, we empower team leaders with coaching, content, data, tools and technology that enable everyone to do their best work.

We ALWAYS start with the leaders because the team starts there. We help team leaders unleash their own talent and the talent of the people they lead. Marketing Is only Effective when the team knows, who, what, where, why when and how to use it to close deals. Calls And Emails are Always at no charge! Let's have a conversation about Goals, Challenges and how to Win.

--Blake LeMoi - Founder & Lead Consultant

The Team

Blake LeMoi

Founder & Chief Growth Officer 

Digital Sales & Marketing
Leadership & Management

Bruce Murchison

Sr. Consultant - Business 

Financial Planning
Business Planning
Succession Planning

Jason Zapp

Operations Consultant

Supply Chain


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